Best Tube Resistance Bands

Tube resistance bands are inexpensive and easily adapted into any fitness routine. These bands are great for exercising your whole body and adding variety to your workout.  All of the bands below come as a set in a variety of resistances.  They are color coded according to their tension level such as light, medium, heavy and very heavy.

I have researched some of the top-rated tube bands on Amazon.  All of these bands have hundreds of ratings and are all rated 4.6 out of 5 stars making them all a great choice!


Black Mountain


These bands are made from high quality natural latex rubber.  The package comes with 5 bands, door anchor, 2 foam handles, and a guide to help with your exercise routine.  Each band has the carabiner clips that are rated to 200lbs each!  This company feels so confident with their quality of bands there is a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.  With over 420 reviews on Amazon these bands were rated 4.6/5 stars! Check them out on Amazon.




           TOPELEK Exercise                                Resistance Band

This set comes with 5 resistance bands and other accessories such as door anchor, ankle straps, carrying bag, and 2 foam cushioned handles and a workout guide. These bands are made of premium rubber latex making them durable for long time use. The metal hook and carabiner rings are more sturdy and will not snap even under strong tension.  These bands come with a 60-day money back guarantee and a 1-year manufactured warranty. These bands had over 320 reviews on Amazon and are rated 4.6/5 stars! Check them out on Amazon!





The Fitlife Resistance Band

These bands come with 5 anti-snap latex bands, 2 cushioned handles, 2 ankle straps that are adjustable, a door anchor, a carrying bag, and a free E-guide.  This company created bands made from natural latex and double layers fabric that they feel is much safer than others.  Their company uses a 6×60 carabiner that can undertake 40% more weight than other bands.  Another great feature about these bands is they have weight marked right on the band.  The bands have a one-year warranty!  With over 260 reviews on Amazon these bands are rated 4.7/5 star! Check them out on Amazon!




          Live Infinitely







This set comes with 5 bands, door anchor, 2 ankle straps, carrying bag with a zipper, and online workout guides.  This company stands behind their quality and takes pride in noticing small detail.  Each band is labeled with their resistance level.  The handles have an extra ¼” foam, sweatproof ankle straps, industrial level carabiners and an oversized door anchor to ensure safety.  With over 170 reviews these bands are rated 4.6/5 stars! Check it out on Amazon!

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