Exercise Resistance Bands- Make Your Workout More Versatile

What are Exercise Resistance Bands?Exercise resistance bands (also known as workout bands) are elastic bands that add resistance to help strengthen your muscles. As the band stretches, the tension increases. These versatile bands come in different resistances and are color coded for simplicity. They are easily added to any workout or can even replace your whole gym! There are different types of bands to suit all your exercise needs.Types of BandsTube bands- These bands are tubular shape and are available in different resistances. Most times they can be purchased with interchangeable handles and accessories. These accessories allow you to use them for a wide variety of exercises. I prefer to buy them in a set with multiple bands and accessories included!Figure 8 Bands- These tubular bands are shorter bands that come in a figure 8 shape with soft handles. You can use figure 8 bands for an upper body or lower body workout.Loop Bands- Loop bands are a large rubber band. They are also known…

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