15 Minute AMRAP Full Body Workout

AMRAP stands for "as many rounds as possible." This full body workout consists of five exercises. You complete all five exercises and then repeat the full workout again until your 15 minutes are completed. Use a weight of your choice. You can add a weight for the squats or just do body squats. Keep track of how many rounds you are able to do in the 15 minutes. The next time you try this workout see if you can beat it! Try some more of our full body workouts both without and with weights.

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15 Minute Full Body EMOM

For this every minute on the minute workout (known as an EMOM) complete the 3 different exercises. You will do 5 reps of each. When you are finished all 3 exercises you get to rest to the beginning of the next minute. You can use a kettlebell or a dumbbell for your weight. Choose a weight that is challenging for you since you are only doing 5 reps each minute. If your form is starting to go make sure you lower your weight. This workout is harder than it looks! If you want to try…

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25 Minute Cardio EMOM

EMOM stands for "every minute on the minute." This means you complete the prescribed exercise at the top of the minute and when you are finished you get to rest until the top of the next minute. These types of workouts tend to be a favorite because the harder you work the more rest you get to have. This 25 EMOM is cardio focused and will get your heart rate up. You do not need any equipment but if you are wanting more of a challenge try adding kettlebell or dumbbells when doing your squats.…

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Outside Workout- No Equipment

How this Workout Works To start the work you perform the cash in exercise. This means that you only have to do this exercise once. Once you complete the cash in exercise you will perform the main workout 2 times through. After you have completed the main workout two times you will then do the cash out exercise. This cash out exercise only has to be done once. For beginners perform 1-2 times For intermediate to advance perform 3-5 times Workout Cash In: 500 meter Run 20 Tricep Dips 20 Box Jumps (use steps) 20…

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Kettlebell Workout

Adding Kettlebells to Your Workouts Kettlebells are a unique shape with a handle to hold on to and the majority of the weight in the ball part of it.   It is different from using a dumbbell because the weight isn't distributed evenly.  The  majority of weight is between 6-8 inches away from the handle, making it harder to control.  This forces you to have to stabilize your body when doing kettlebell exercises.   One of the biggest benefits of kettlebells is they can be used for a variety of things.  They are good to use to…

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Deck of Cards Workout

Using a deck of playing cards can provide you with a good full body workout.  You can incorporate weights or just use body weight. The workouts are fun to do with a partner but can also be done on your own. How To Do the Workout Shuffle the deck of cards.  Keep all cards in the deck but remove jokers.  Flip a card and perform the exercise associated with that suit.  Card 2-9 you perform the amount of reps on the card.  Ace you perform 1 rep.  Jack, Queen, King you perform 10 reps.  Continue…

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