Elevan’s Resistance Loop Bands Review-Get in Shape without Spending a Fortune

 Product:  Elevan's Resistance Loop BandsPrice: Under $20 for the set of five bandsPlace to Buy:  AmazonMy Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars!Amazon's Rating: Number 1 Best Seller 4.5 out of 5 stars!Product Review:  Theses bands are designed by Canadians!  They are premium high quality bands that are made out of 100% natural latex and have been updated to be thicker and higher quality.  There are two sizes available to choose from.  10 inch and 12 inch.  The 10 inch is ideal for upper body workouts and people with a smaller stature and the 12 inch bands are…

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Best Tube Resistance Bands

Tube resistance bands are inexpensive and easily adapted into any fitness routine. These bands are great for exercising your whole body and adding variety to your workout.  All of the bands below come as a set in a variety of resistances.  They are color coded according to their tension level such as light, medium, heavy and very heavy.I have researched some of the top-rated tube bands on Amazon.  All of these bands have hundreds of ratings and are all rated 4.6 out of 5 stars making them all a great choice! Black Mountain These bands are made…

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Best Loop Bands

Loop bands are a type of resistance band that come in different resistances and sizes. They continue to become more popular because of their low cost, portability and lightweight. When researching about loop bands, I noticed there are many different companies that sell them. I chose some of the best loop bands based on their reviews on Amazon. I purposely chose bands that had hundreds of reviews and the reviews are all rated 4.5 (or more) out of 5 stars.PowerGuidance Resistance BandsThese are premium quality bands made from natural  latex material and are all 41"…

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