Three Exercises to Improve Posture

"Pull your shoulders back, sit up straight, don't hunch over."  Does this sound familiar?   I know I hear it a lot!!  It feels so uncomfortable to do those things.  When I think about it I spend so much of my time slumped over on my computer, phone, or sitting down for long periods of time.  All of these activities contribute to my rounded shoulders and forward head posture. My back and neck are always sore especially when I wake up in the morning.  My muscles think this slumped position as my body's natural state.  This causes increased stress on the shoulders, neck and back and frequent headaches.  It also causes your center of gravity to be off which affects other joints in your body. My massage therapist tells me to do stretches to strengthen my pectorals.  Strengthening my pectoral muscles will help keep my shoulders back. After years of having bad posture now is time to work on fixing it!  The good news is that bad posture can be fixed!  Posture is a habit and now it's time to break that habit! I find my exercise resistance bands a great piece of equipment.  These bands are portable and I can easily take them with me where ever I go!  Choose a resistance that is right for you.  Here are a few simple exercises I do a few times a week that have helped improve my posture.  Do each exercise 10-15 times a few times a week. Band Pull Apart This exercise is one of the most effective exercises for your shoulders.  It can be done a couple of ways.  Traditionally it is done with palms down. You begin with your arms extended in front of you while holding your band on both sides.   Pull your band horizontal until your arms are out to your sides.  Keep your shoulders down and back as pull the band apart.  Squeeze your shoulder blades together. The second way you can do this exercise is with your palms up.  Doing the pull…

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