Resistance Bands for Runners, Who Knew?

Are you an avid runner?  Are you looking for ways to improve your running? How can you do this?  First thing is to not only run BUT to do some strength training! How Can Strength Training Help Your Running? To be a runner you need to be strong!  This is why it's essential to do some strength training.  Strength training strengthens your muscles and joints. The stronger your muscles and joints are, the less chance of having an injury.  The repeated movements involved with running can be hard on the body. Running beyond your current level of fitness can put muscles, tendons and ligaments under a lot of stress! Also keep in mind, the stronger you are the faster and longer you will be able to run!  The better shape you are in, you can maintain a higher intensity for longer periods of time and the less energy you will use!  If you want to run at your full potential you need to train! How Can Resistance…

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