Elevan’s Resistance Loop Bands Review-Get in Shape without Spending a Fortune


Product:  Elevan’s Resistance Loop Bands

Price: Under $20 for the set of five bands

Place to Buy:  Amazon

My Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars!

Amazon’s Rating: Number 1 Best Seller 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Product Review:  Theses bands are designed by Canadians!  They are premium high quality bands that are made out of 100% natural latex and have been updated to be thicker and higher quality.  There are two sizes available to choose from.  10 inch and 12 inch.  The 10 inch is ideal for upper body workouts and people with a smaller stature and the 12 inch bands are great for lower body/leg workouts as well as full body stetching.

Advantages of these Bands:   There are so many advantages!  One thing I LOVE about these bands is that the levels of resistance is written clearly on them.  There is no second guessing!  They also have a warranty for life as long as you fill out the warranty two weeks after receiving them.  It literally takes a couple of minutes. Not only that, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for life.  If you don’t love your bands they will gladly replace or refund them!

These bands come in a tiny package and are so compact.  The whole package would fit in your purse, luggage, or even a jacket pocket!!  You can take them anywhere!

Disadvantages of these Bands: I have used these bands for multiple workouts.  The only disadvantage is you can’t perform all exercises with these bands.  I find the lightest resistance band is still too strong of a resistance to complete some stretches.

Have you used these bands before?  I welcome your comments.  I would love to hear what you thought of them or what exercises you used them for.


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