Exercise Resistance Bands- Make Your Workout More Versatile

What are Exercise Resistance Bands?

Exercise resistance bands (also known as workout bands) are elastic bands that add resistance to help strengthen your muscles. As the band stretches, the tension increases. These versatile bands come in different resistances and are color coded for simplicity. They are easily added to any workout or can even replace your whole gym! There are different types of bands to suit all your exercise needs.
Black Mountain Resistance Bands

Types of Bands

Tube bands– These bands are tubular shape and are available in different resistances. Most times they can be purchased with interchangeable handles and accessories. These accessories allow you to use them for a wide variety of exercises. I prefer to buy them in a set with multiple bands and accessories included!

Figure 8 Bands– These tubular bands are shorter bands that come in a figure 8 shape with soft handles. You can use figure 8 bands for an upper body or lower body workout.

Loop Bands– Loop bands are a large rubber band. They are also known as pull up bands, as they are one of the best ways to assist with pull ups. I know when I first started working out, I wouldn’t have been able to do a pull up without a band! These bands come in a variety of thicknesses and levels of resistance. I tend to use the thinner bands for stretching and mobility exercises while the thicker bands for weight training.

Therapy Bands– These highly stretchable bands are often recommended and used by therapist to treat injuries and rehabilitation. They are very effective as they gradually strengthen muscles while not putting too much pressure on muscles and joints.

Reap the Benefits of Bands

1. Versatility

They can be added to any of your existing workouts or be used on their own. Using the bands alone can provide you with an effective workout that challenges the whole body. It’s always good to change up your exercise routine and why not exercise your muscles in different ways!

Resistance bands are very efficient for building muscles because your muscle works against the opposing force. You also have resistance in multiple directions. You can perform exercises in both vertical and horizontal planes.

2. Affordability

Not only are they affordable but they are jam-packed with benefits. Resistance bands are a fraction of the cost of free weights. All the same exercises you can do with weights can be done using a resistance band. You can purchase the bands separately or multiple bands at a time. I ordered my first set of bands on Amazon for around $40.00. They came as a pack of 5 bands with tons of accessories. I haven’t found many workouts or exercises I haven’t been able to do.

3. Portability

Resistance bands are very light and can be used anywhere! All you need is a small space to workout! Any exercise you would do in the gym can be done with your band. If you like to travel, resistance bands are easy to take with you. They don’t take up any room in your suitcase!

4. Adaptability

These bands are adaptable for all fitness levels. They are great whether you are a beginner or advanced, young or elderly, muscle building or improving your flexibility. As you can see, bands can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime, AND for any exercise!!

5. Reliability

I feel confident that I can depend on my resistance bands to provide me with a safe and effective workout. They are ideal for those who like to workout alone. I know I have had some close calls almost dropping dumbbells on my head!

Bands can improve your strength without putting unnecessary impact on your joints, muscles, tendons, and bones that free weights can cause. This lower amount of force on your joints lowers your chance of injury.

Make Resistance Bands Your “Go To”

Exercising is part of my daily routine. Whether I am exercising at home or on the road, my bands are my go-to fitness equipment. I know I can always challenge myself especially when I use multiple bands at once. I want to see results and bands do just that! I recommend that you use bands as part of your exercise routine! Push yourself to try something new and to work harder!! You will be impressed with the results you see!! Comment below how you incorporate resistance bands to your workouts.

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  1. Great Article ! I admit that I stayed away from exercise bands because I thought they wouldn’t provide me with any muscle benefit ( hypertrophy). Well, long story short, I got a shoulder inpingement and piriformis syndrome and bands have significantly helped me strengthen my shoulder and glutes !

    1. Hi Justin,
      I am glad to hear that using the bands helped you! They are often recommended for rehabilitation purposes and they are so affordable! Thanks for sharing!

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