Resistance Bands for Flabby Arms!

Resistance Bands for Flabby Arms!

As you age you may notice a little extra flab on your arms.  This is also known as bat wings! Why is this happening, you may ask yourself.  The answer is… as we get older our fat has the tendency to increase and our lean muscle tend to decrease.  With age, our skin and connective tissue starts to lose it’s elasticity.

Extra body fat can cause sagging skin and depending on your body structure you may store fat in different areas.  In general, women tend to store more fat in their upper arms then men.  This is mainly due to hormones.

How to Get Rid of Flabby Arms

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to get rid of flabby arms!  It will take some dedicated work.  You will need to do some strength training, cardio and eat a well balanced diet.  The harder you work during your cardio session the more calories you will burn.  Strength training consists of exercises that use weight such as dumbbells, resistance bands or even just your own body weight.  By doing strength training you are toning your muscles.  When you do strength training you continue to burn calories long after your workout is complete.  When you combine cardio with arm-toning exercises, you can develop the toned arms you desire!

A women with muscular arms







Using Resistance Bands for Flabby Arms

Resistance bands are my favorite choice for fixing bat wings!!  They are so versatile and allow you to workout wherever you are at.  You can tone and strengthen just about anytime and anywhere with resistance bands!

Resistance bands help target a particular muscle group.   They target larger muscles as well as smaller stabilizing muscles. They are key for helping improve your arm’s appearance by helping tighten whatever muscle group you choose to focus on.  Using the band provides you with continuous resistance that force your muscles to be engaged the whole time. Resistance bands are extremely effective for working your muscles.

Here is a video of a workout you can do to tone your arms using a loop resistance band. It is suggested that you do the circuit three times.

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